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Enhancing Security, Safety And Convenience, Our Accessories Will Complete Your Automation Solution And Complement Your Lifestyle

Your new Automatic Technology garage door or gate opener comes standard with a suite of excellent features that makes home automation convenient and safe. To further expand this experience, we also offer a range of accessories that allow you to customise your garage door or gate opener to suit you and your family’s needs. Be it Battery Back Up to combat blackouts during summer storms, water resistant transmitters for those leading an active lifestyle, or even receivers to control other devices from your TrioCode™ transmitter, the options are there for you.

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Triocode™ 128

Triocode™128 Wireless Keypad

Be it returning from a bike ride, the kids coming home from school, or the meter reader arriving while you’re at work, the weatherproof wireless keypad allows secure access without a transmitter. With backlit numbers for night use, multiple users can have unique codes for specifi c door or gate access.

Triocode™128 Wall Mounted Transmitter

Mounted securely to the wall where it can always be found, this four-button transmitter is the same size as a standard light switch and provides all the security and surety of TrioCode™128.

Triocode™128 Keyring Transmitters

Each of these transmitter’s four buttons can operate a separate function or opener, allowing access to your whole home from one convenient unit. Best of all, by transmitting on three frequencies, TrioCode™128 ensures this transmitter works every time.

Triocode™128 Water Resistant Keyring Transmitters

Featuring all the benefi ts of TrioCode™128 technology, this sleek unit is also splash resistant. Being caught out in a sudden rain shower or being splashed by the garden hose is no longer a concern.

Triocode™128 Plug In Receivers

Removing the need for multiple types of remotes, the plug in receiver can control other non-TrioCode™128 devices. Used primarily on units that have a 6-pin receiver plug, this also allows you the freedom to retain an existing opener yet upgrade to the latest transmitter technology. (TrioCode™ compatible units also available

Triocode™128 Stand-alone Receivers

The versatile Stand-Alone Receiver allows non-TrioCode™128 devices to be controlled with the spare buttons on your transmitter. Whether connected to another brand of door or gate opener, an alarm system or even garden lights, the Stand-Alone Receiver removes the need for multiple remotes. (TrioCode™ compatible units also available)

Safety Beams

Protect your family, possessions and car, and further enhance your home’s security, with Safety Beams. As soon as an object or person moves through the invisible photo-electric beam the door or gate will stop, or reverse, to avert serious damage being done. Safety Beams also enable Auto-Close functions on your opener, which close your door or gate after a predetermined time. This means if you forget to press your transmitter button when leaving, your home will not be left unsecured.

Wireless Safety Beams

Using leading edge technology, our battery powered Wireless Safety Beams provide all the safety and security benefi ts, but without the unsightly conduit or diffi culty in installation required by traditional units.

Wired Safety Beams (2-wire)

Ideal for sites with existing wiring, or where specifi cations require, the 2-wire Safety Beams use the latest modulated sensing technology as found in the Wireless units.

Wired Safety Beams (3-wire)

Using legacy 3-wire technology, these Wired Safety Beams offer the same functional safety and security of our latest technology.

Battery Back Up

In the event of power failure, you can rely on your door or gate providing the security and convenience of automation. As soon as mains power drops out, the Battery Back Up system takes over, even if the door or gate is moving at the time. This clever system also features a self-protection system to prevent damaging total discharge of the battery.

Battery Back Up For Garage Doors

Battery Back Up For Swing Gates

Battery Back Up For Sliding Gates

Access Control Options

Combo Access Device

This dual function device provides access regardless of whether you have power or not, and is a must for “coffi n” garages. During normal operation, turn the key and it acts as an electric key switch to open and close your door. In the event of a power outage, turn the key the other way to remove the lock barrel and provide access to the opener’s manual release cord.

Electric Key Switch

This fl ush mounted electric key switch allows for secure access to your door or gate without a transmitter. Simply turn the key in the lock and it will trigger your door or gate to open or close.

Inductive Loop Detector

An inductive loop detector controls a door or gate by sensing when the magnetic fi eld generated by a vehicle passes directly over its buried wire loop. Most suitable for applications where a controlling trigger is required without the need for security authorisation (i.e. a transmitter), or extra safety is needed.

Light Relay Module

For sites where an auxiliary light is required, the Light Relay Module interfaces between the opener and a power source (up to 240Vac). The Light Relay Module makes it possible to control garden lights through your gate opener, an additional external light in your garage, or a fl ashing safety strobe on commercial sites.


The coaxial antenna improves range on installations where radio signals are impaired by physical reasons such as steel frame sheds, underground car parks or reinforced concrete.

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