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Sectional Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Enhance the exterior of your home with a garage door that will complement
any style of architecture. Steel-Line has a range of garage door styles to suit
the unique characteristics of your home. Choose from the stylish Heritage,
Ranch, Slimline, Glacier or Flatline door styles and then select the finish of 

Make a bold impression with a stunning SteelLine sectional garage door.

Your garage door is possibly the largest exterior feature of your home so the right colour and finish treatment are essential. In addition to the full range of Dulux® Powdercoat and Colorbond® colours, Steel-Line also offers a unique range of DecoWood® timber finishes allowing you to match your garage door to other external finishes.

Steel-Line’s sectional garage doors have exceptional weather-resistant qualities. They are resilient against wind and dust conditions and come with tough PVC weather seals and heavy duty aluminium bottom rails, so you can trust that the precious contents of your garage are protected at all times. 

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3 easy steps to create your sectional garage door


Select a Design


Select a Colour


Select an Opener & Accessories


Door Profiles and Finishes





Textured Finish | Slimline

Smooth Finish | Glacier

Colour Options

A small additional investment for greater convenience

Fit your Steel-Line sectional garage door with an automatic opener for hassle free entry to and exit from your garage.
All of our openers are engineered to the highest standards ensuring easy operation, optimum performance, long life and peace of mind

Soft Start and Stop Function

This feature is designed to allow for a quiet and smooth garage door operation, which is important when the garage is located close to bedrooms or living areas.

Auto Reverse System

For added safety, each installation comes with this automated feature that causes the garage door to immediately stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object.

Auto Sensing Force

During operation the force required is constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure economical operation and reduced wear and tear.

Courtesy Light

This courtesy light is the most convenient way to navigate through your garage and to get in and out of your car. The light automatically switches on and off as you open and close your garage door.

Wireless Wall Button

Can be installed near an internal access door to your garage giving you greater convenience to open and close your garage door.

Digital Limit System

Equipped with digital limit system for ease of programming during installation.

Manual Release

In case of power failure you can simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.

Remote Handsets

The key ring remote handsets are small
and convenient with the ability to operate
up to four garage doors or gates from
the one unit. A must have for every set of
keys in the house.

Quality and Adaptability

Our garage door openers are manufactured from quality composite materials, and have been engineered to the highest standard. They can also be fitted to most popular brands of sectional garage doors with accessories to suit your requirements.

Window Options

Technical Details

In placing an order you will be required to submit the following information.

Opening Size Height LHS

Opening Size Height RHS

Opening Size Width
Side Room LHS
Side Room RHS

Opening Size Height LHS

Opening Size Height RHS

Opening Size Width
Side Room LHS
Side Room RHS
Door Size Width
Opening size + minimum 25mm / side
Door Size Height
Opening size + 30mm for the height
Side Room Minimum
125mm standard and 150mm for low headroom
Headroom Minimum
  • Standard 290mm
  • Low headroom – front mount 200mm
  • Low headroom – rear mount 150mm
When Using An Operator
Add 50mm to the minimum headroom required

Quality Features That Will Stand The Test Of Time

For many years Steel-Line’s range of garage doors has set the benchmark for style and quality throughout the Australian garage door industry. Most Steel-Line sectional garage doors can be automated for ease of use. As a market leader in safety and innovation, all of SteelLine’s automatic garage door openers come with a range of safety features. The standard ‘Auto Reverse System’ causes the garage door to immediately stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object, while the optional ‘Photo Eye‘ feature automatically reverses the closing garage door if its electronic beam senses an obstruction. Furthermore, to ensure smoothness of operation and one of the quietest garage door mechanisms available, Steel-Line uses specially designed composite nylon and steel hinges

FingerProofTM Safety

Steel-Line’s sectional garage doors feature a curved finger proof joint for added safety. This unique award-winning design not only safeguards your family against serious injury, it seals out elements that can penetrate
conventional garage doors.

Heavy Duty Bottom Rail

Every Steel-Line sectional garage door is fitted with a sturdy heavy duty bottom rail to increase strength in the lower part of the garage door. A tough and durable weather seal is added to the bottom rail for extra protection from the elements.

Strong and Quiet Operation

To avoid the harsh sounds of metal-on-metal, Steel-Line uses hinges made of specially designed composite materials such as nylon for smooth, quiet and trouble free operation.

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